Our team draws on decades of experience in motor finance and fresh thinkers from other sectors to deliver products and services that are both expert and innovative for our clients and customers alike.

Unique offering

With a proposition that is comparable in terms of service to existing prime lenders, we bring greater flexibility and new options to your lending panel. Startline is a natural addition to your motor finance offering.

Budget conscious

Startline helps customers to buy the car they want at a price to fit their budget, even if they do not always fit the standard motor finance profile of a used car buyer.

Deal builders

Our underwriters are experienced deal builders and, working alongside our support team, welcome contact from introducers to ensure a successful ongoing relationship that meets the needs of customers.

Fast processing

Startline’s systems are fast and easy to use – turning around proposals quickly and making payout procedures hassle free. We invest heavily in technology to make this possible.

Regular reviews

We provide meaningful management information, bespoke to your individual requirements, and carry out regular reviews on business performance. Strong relationship management is core to our ethos.

Highest standards

We listen carefully to our clients, continually examine our processes and motivate our team to deliver standards that are among the highest found in our industry.

Customer focus

Every Startline process places the customer at its core. Our feedback mechanisms indicate very high levels of satisfaction and we work to resolve any issues quickly and successfully.