Sharp rise in number of dealers saying condition of used stock is improving

15 Jan 2024

There’s been a sharp month-on-month rise in car dealers who say the condition of used stock is improving – up from 20% in December to 33% now.

  • Up from 20% in December to 33% now, shows January’s new Startline Used Car Tracker
  • Percentage saying that stock is getting older is down from 30% in December to 23% in January.
  • Those saying stock supply is worsening has also fallen from 20% to 12%.

Research from Startline’s January Used Car Tracker also shows that the percentage stating stock is getting older is also down from 30% to 23%.


Additionally, 48% say that supply is improving - the best figure since 32% in October - while those saying it is worsening has dropped from 30% to 23%.


Paul Burgess, CEO at Startline Motor Finance, said: “Getting hold of stock has been a tough-to-solve issue for used car dealers since the pandemic, with stalling new car production meaning the number of vehicles in circulation has fallen.


“However, what we have seen this month is a jump in the number of dealers who say the situation is improving across a number of metrics including condition, age and general supply of stock.


“It should be underlined that the numbers are still quite low – it’s only a third of dealers who say that condition is improving, for example – but these are the best figures we have recorded since we introduced questions on stock into our monthly research at the start of 2023.”


The Startline Used Car Tracker is compiled monthly for Startline Motor Finance by APD Global Research, well-known in the motor industry for their business intelligence reporting and customer experience programs. This time, 313 consumers and 60 dealers were questioned.